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  • Tips to Gain Weight

    Instant indicators of weight loss are like sand in the ocean. At the same time, doctors complain about the health risks of overweight, and are attracted to supermarket light products. But that's just one side of the coin. There are also many people who are overweight. There are so few that they feel restless in their body and in the worst case their health is at risk. Then it says: Grow - but in a healthy way.

    The problem is the light weight.
    The causes of weight loss are diverse. In old age, we lose weight automatically, but chronic diseases can absorb the body as well. Stress and diet also cause a decrease in pounds. Some people cannot grow despite all their efforts. Others don't realize that they keep losing weight all the time - until the body hits the end. Because after that the body is exhausted, it does not matter and there are no energy reserves.

    It's hard to draw a line between "thin" and underweight. One indicator is Body Mass Mass Index (BMI), which combines weight and body levels. If the value less than 19 for women or less than 20 for men is calculated, then the weight is off the weight of the general population. Important: This does not mean that your health is in danger.

    But action is needed when symptoms are added or when tissue and muscle mass is reduced by less than one-third of body weight. Because it is at risk of symptoms of depletion, tiredness and weakening of the immune system.

    The increase - but how?
    If you are underweight and want to gain weight you should consult a doctor first. This will check your current health status and suggest you change your diet. In addition, the target muscles must be in order to strengthen the body and regain its health. In order to give a proper answer, the reasons for weight loss must be determined.

    If you are under stress, you should try to get back to work and give yourself plenty of time to eat regularly. If you find that certain conditions and conditions affect your eating habits, take notes throughout the day and be certain that your appetite is bad. Even ambitious diet plans can lead to painful weight loss. In all these cases, it is always advisable to seek the help of a nutritionist and / or psychologist.

    Individuals with the genetic energy of active metabolism often end up with your Latinas. Because no matter how hard they try, they just can't lift the weight. Then you want to consult your doctor. That it's worth scaring for health. If so, a nutrition plan can be useful.

    Stay healthy with a nutrition plan.
    This hike is not as easy as it sounds. When weight gain is targeted, it depends on food choices and regular food intake, such as weight loss. First, you should eat only what you feel. In most cases, the body itself says what it is good for.

    Of course, calorie-based foods are the perfect addition to the diet. The most complete are fresh fruits, baked vegetables, fish, eggs, whole flour and milk products. The latter may also be silent fatty varieties. The meat is also on the menu. Here, however, is a rather non-fat option and no more than three times a week.