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McLaren published a Teaser for a new Model

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  • McLaren published a Teaser for a new Model

    The British novelty will receive the smallest windshield in the world. The circulation of the car is limited to only 399 copies. Prices are still unknown, but pre-orders will soon be accepted.

    McLaren has published a teaser for a new model - provisionally called Speedster

    Rumor has it about the all-new McLaren, which is now known as the Speedster. A couple of minutes ago, the first official teaser of the future model without a roof was published. Here we present a darker image, which is the original, but there is also a brighter version of it, which provides a much better look at the details of the design of the car.

    The body strikes with curved lines along the entire length. The pointed, lowered front end leads to the smallest windshield. The rear-view mirror is comically small and does not seem to provide the necessary visibility. McLaren confirms that there are two-sided doors to enter the cabin.

    The teaser shows only the silhouette of the car, but we can also notice signs of ventilation in the hood. With proper airflow control, McLaren will be able to direct it above the heads of passengers to make driving without a roof at high speed a little more comfortable.

    At the moment, McLaren only confirms that the model uses a twin-turbocharged version of the V8 engine, but does not indicate its volume. The company claims that the lack of a roof and plenty of carbon fiber makes the new McLaren lightest road car. The purpose of this arrangement is to create a car that provides maximum driving pleasure on the road and "an unrivaled sense of driver's connection with the environment."

    McLaren does not yet have an official name for <a href="">a new car</a> without a roof. Deliveries of new items will begin at the end of 2020, and the automaker will make only 399 copies. The price is still unknown. The company accepts pre-orders during the current week of cars in Monterey.

    New McLaren GT Shooting Brake render

    The model has an engine located in the middle, and has already attracted the attention of motorists.

    It is the unusual arrangement of the power unit that distinguishes this model from the traditional GT. The engine is located behind the passenger compartment, so the model provides only two seats for passengers. The car has a small trunk, which is located directly above the engine.

    Rain Prisk, as an independent designer, created its own version of the exterior of the McLaren GT in the back of the Shooting Brake.

    The car has a four-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Due to its location, the roof line has been expanded. In addition, the trunk will be increased and become more practical.

    If you compare McLaren with competitors Ferrari and Lamborghini, the car is not going to change the location of the engine, standard for supercars. This may mean that such a machine is unlikely to be released.
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